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Periya Thirumozhi 6.2- maRandhE unnai munnam maRandha madhiyin manatthaal!

Sri V. Madhavakkannan (

(Tirumangai) AzhwAr had appealed to ThiruviNNagaram Oppiliappan, and said that he hates the samsaaric life and longs to see and be blessed with his darshan.PerumAL never heeded. AzhwAr assumed that Emperumaan still is perhaps under the impression that he (AzhwAr)ís attachment to sensual pursuits have not disappeared fully. Hence, AzwAr mentions all his earlier trespasses, attachment /entanglement with sense organs/pleasures, his desire for materials/ worldly pleasures, his apprehension and fear of the future due to his earlier actions, and says "These sins or karmic diseases can not be made to disappear by adiyEn at all. Only through the purushaakaaram (recommendation) of Periya PiraaTTi, adiyEn pleads for Your grace to take me to You for saving adiyEn..". Simply the essence of Prapatthi saasthram housed in this ten. May I request Bahawathas to read them in Tamil (if you can). It is an excellent ten. (THOUGH AZHWAR SAYS ALL THIS, IT IS MORE APPLICABLE AND SUITABLE FOR ME.)

1. poRuththEn pun_soln^eNYchil* poruLinbamena irandum_iRuththEn*
aimbulankatkidaNnaayina* vaayilotti_aRuththEn*
aarvaccheRRam _avaithammai* manaththakaRRi veRuththEn*
ninnadain^thEn* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.1)
I had listened and also endured the lowly "other" (idhara vishayam)/ abusive statements. The materialistic fruits and the desires - I had given them too. I liked those who were helpful to me for my above (worldly) pursuits and hated those who were not. NOW I have made all this get removed from my mind from the roots completely. That likes and dislikes - I have plucked away and stated hating that earlier attitude of mine as well. Oh Lord of ThiruviNNagaram Diva Desam! adiyEn surrenders to You.

maRanthENn unnaimun_Nnam* maRan^tha mathiyin manaththaal*
iRanthENn eththaNnaiyum* athaNnaal idumpaikkuzhiyil*
piRanthE eyththozhin^thEn* perumaan! thirumaarbaa!*
siRanthEn ninnadikkE* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.2)
You- who needs to be always for ever meditated and thought of- have been forgotten by me from time immemorial. And then, even when I had heard about You, I never showed interest in my mind and wasted my time. Hence, I was made to suffer with numerous births and deaths, by being born of the sorrow filled garbha vaasam. I had no strength (shakti) nor an effort to attain You. Oh Lord, the One who has (Purushaakara) PiraaTTi in Your chest! Now, adiyEn has been a worthy object of ONLY YOUR Lotus Feet, ThiruviNNagaraanE!

3.maanEy nOkkiyar_tham* vayiRRukkuzhiyil uzhaikkum*
oonEraakkai thannai* uthavaamai uNarnthuNarnthu*
vaanE! maanilamE!* vanthuvanthu enmanaththiruntha thEnE*
ninnadain^thEn* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.3)
Oh Chief of Sri VaikuNTam! Oh Lord of the whole vast Universe! From Sri Vaikuntam, You came here; willingly and also happily (with great enthusiasm) entered into my heart and stay there permanently. Sweetest Honey ! ThiruviNNaraga PerumAnE! This body (sarIram), that comes out of the garbham of beautiful deer eyed women, though is meant only for getting You and serving You, adiyEn understands and realises that this sarIram is not helping me (or co-operative) to attain the purushaartham (i.e. You.) Hence, adiyEn surrenders to Your with YOU AS THE WAY AND THE GOAL AS WELL.

4. PiRinthEn peRRamakkaL* peNdirenRivar pinnuthavaathu_aRinthEn*
neepaNiththa aruLennum* oLvaaLuruvi eRinthEn*
aimpulankaL idartheera* eRinthuvanthu seRinthEn*
ninnadikkE* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.4)
The children, wives, other relatives- et al are not helpful at the end (of life) - I have realised that. And hence, I have separated - delinked myself from them. Using the word (meymmeip peru vaartthai)- the Charam slOkam - sarva dharmaan..maa sucha: - as the sharp strong lustrous sword), I have cut off my attachments with five senses. Thus, removing all my hurdles (with Your grace) adiyEn performs saraNagathy and surrenders to Your Feet only, ThiruviNNagaraanE!

5. paaNdhEn vaNdaRaiyumkuzhalaar_kaL* pallaandisaippa*
aaNdaar vaiyamellaam* arasaaki*munnaaNdavarE-
maaNdaarenRu vanthaar* anthO! manaivaazhkkaithannai vENdEn*
ninnadain^thEn* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.5)
" The young women, who have fragrant black tresses that house bees drinking honey from the flowers bedecked on the hair, address and greet their great kings as "Long live" and those kings, who ruled the worlds have gone dead and are no more - is also a fact, from time immemorial. This wealth is never ever permanent. Hence, I do not want this family material life and any more, nor its transitory pleasures; Thus, leaving all that, adiyEn surrenders to Your Feet only,, ThiruviNNagaraanE!

6. kallaa aimpulankaL_avai* kaNdavaaRu seyyakillEn*
mallaa! mallamaruL mallarmaaLa* malladarththamallaa!*
mallalam cheer* mathiL_neerilaNGgaiyazhiththa villaa*
ninnadain^thEn* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.6)"
These senses that need to serve only the Lord- I do not wish to let them do what they long to enjoy the "other" matters and let me run behind them. Oh strongest Lord (mallA!) the One who fought with ChaaNoora, Mushthikan, and killed them! Oh Lord! the One who destroyed the wealthy, beautiful, rampart - surrounded lankA with Your divine bow! (villA!) adiyEn surrenders to Your Feet only,, ThiruviNNagaraanE!

7. vERaayaaniran^thEn* veguLaathu manakkoL_enthaay!*
aaRaa ven^n^arakaththu* adiyEnai idakkaruthi*
kooRaaaivar van^thukumaikkak* kudivittavarai*
thEraathu unnadain^thEn* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.7)
(a beautiful pAsuram! Lamenting on the influence of those cruel five senses!) I, who had never thought about You so far, have now become different and plead this to You, my SwamI! Please take it to Your ThiruvuLLam. These five senses are competing with each other to take their share on me and are trying their level best to push me into the most cruel hell and torture me terribly. You retained them in my sarIram for making me and putting me on the right track (and serving You). Thus, not trusting these cruel senses, adiyEn surrenders to Your Lotus Feet, ThiruviNNagaraanE!

8. theevaaya valvinaiyaar* udaNn_ninRu siRanthavar_pOl*
mEvaa ven^n^arakaththida* uRRu virainthuvanthaar*
moovaa vaanavar_tham muthalvaa!* mathikOL viduththathEvaa*
ninnadain^thEn* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.8)
The worst cruel, incorrigible sins of mine, are trying to push me into the terrible hell, and are chasing me like a fire with tongues of flame from its mouth, in order to let me go astray and away from the Athma guNam. Oh Chief of NithyasUris! The One who removed the sorrow of the moon! adiyEn surrenders to Your Lotus Feet, ThiruviNNagaraanE!

9. pOthaar thaamaraiyaaL* pulavikkula vaanavar_thamkOthaa*
kOthil seNGkOl* kudaimannaridai n^adanthathoothaa*
thoomozhiyaay! chudarpOl* en manaththirunthavEthaa*
ninnadain^thEn* thiruviNNagar mEyavanE (6.2.9)
Periya PiraaTTi- the one who stays in the fresh lovely Lotus flower; BhUmi PiraaTTi, Nithys sooris- You are Their only personification of enjoyment! The One who went as the unparalleled messenger to DhuryOdhanan! The One who spoke words of comfort and assurance to Pandavas! The One who stays in my heart like the lustre of a lamp! The One who is praised by VedAs! Veda purushA! adiyEn surrenders to Your Lotus Feet, ThiruviNNagaraanE!

10. thEnaar poompuRavil* thiruviNNagar mEyavanai*
vaanaarum mathiL_sUzh* vayalmangaiyarkOn maruvaar*
oonaarvEl kaliyan* olisey thamizhmaalaivallaar*
kOnaay vaanavar_tham* kodimaan^agar kooduvarE (6.2.10)
This ten is on the great Divya Desam of ThiruviNNagaram, which is full of honey dripping most fragrant flowers, composed by Kaliyan, the one from Thirumangai, who has the sharp spear that can pass through effortlessly and smoothly into the bodies of enemies! Those who read them, will be praised as the chief and also be blessed to join the world of Nithya sooris i.e. SrivaikuNTam.





sriyah kaanthayaa kalyaanaa nithayEr nithayErththinam
srimath vyOma pureesaaya srinivasaaya mangalam

Last modified on Friday, May 16, 2003