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New(April 2009)

- Added Sriramanavami utsavam Videos

(Feb 2009)

- Added  Videos on Samprokshanam,  Kalyanothsavam,  etc.

- Sravana vratham dates for 2009. Note: The dates below the official dates as per Sri Oppiliappan Temple panchangam and are based on Indian local time.

  22.03.2009 - Panguni 9 -- Saturday - Thiruther and Theerthavari
  18.04.2009 - Chitrai 5 - Saturday -
  16.05.2009 - Vaikasi 2 - Saturday
  12.06.2009 - Vaikasi 26 - Friday- Vasantha Utsavam Poorthi Sesha Vaahanam
  09.07.2009 - Aani 25 - Thursday -
  06.08.2009 - Aadi 21 - Thursday
  02.09.2009 - Aavani 17-Wednesday-Pavitra Utsavam Poorthi -Uday Garuda Sevai
  29.09.2009 - Purattasi 13 - Tuesday -Bhramhotsavam poorthi Goratham Theertavari at Cauvery River
  27.10.2009 - Iyypasi 10 - Tuesday -Evening Thirukalyana Utsavam begins
  23.11.2009 - Karthigai 7 - Monday
  20.12.2009 - Margazhi 5 - Sunday

- Oppiliappan Koil offical calendar for 2009 available:

Download Part 1: January - June 2009 (Filesize: 5MB)

Download Part 2: July - December 2009 (Filesize: 5MB)

Divine images of the Koil's Gopuram, Ahoratra pushkarni, Moolvar in Thanga vimanam,
Eleven Bramhotsava vahanams, SriRamar, Narasimhar,Sudarashanazhwar,Maniappan, Muthappan,
Ponnappan, Azhwars/Acharyas, and Siriya Tiruvadi.


(May 2007)

Added (Audio) Commentary on Sri Oppiliappan Vaibhavam by Sri V. Sadagopan

(Dec 2006)

- Added complete text of Sri Oppiliappan Sannidhi Sthala Puranam, Azhwar pasurams, Dhyana Shlokam compiled by Smt. Subha Venkatesan.

(August 2006)

- Added audio of Sri Oppiliappan Suprabhatam and Thirukalyanam

(Jan 2005)

- Added Video of Sravana Deepam

(May 2004)

- Added Sri Sadagopan's article on Sravana Deepam
- Added Sri Sampath Rengarajan's article - Reflections on Sravanam Days in Oppiliappan Koil

(April 2004)

- Restored Sri Krishna Premi's upanyasam (audio) on ThiruviNNagaram Thala Puranam
- Restored Sri Krishna Premi's upanyasam (audio) on Nammaazhvaar and Tirumangai Azhwaars' anubhavams of Sri Oppiliappan

(May 2003)

- Added Sri Madhavakannan's translation of Nammazhwaar's
anubhavam of "Thiruvinnagar Appan" - Thiruvaaimozhi

- Added Sri Madhavakannan's translation of Tirumangai Azhwar's
anubhavam of " The Lord without Comparision" - Periya Thirumozhi 6.1 6.2 6.3

- Added list of sponsored sevas.

- Added an article from "The Hindu", An Erudite Guide of Vaishnavism
on Vangipuram Navanitam Srirama Desikachariar (Navanitam Swami) of Oppiliappan sannidhi.

- New Temple for SrI Bhumi Devi sametha Sri Oppiliappan in Chennai
"Lord Incomparable"  : An article in "The Hindu" on the Sri Oppiliappan Sannidhi in Madipakkam, Chennai.
Message from Sri T. Narayanan of Adyar, Chennai:   

    Please find more information of the Incredible effort by devotees in Chennai to bring the
    Incomparable Oppiliappan to this city at:

    I humbly request you SPREAD the WORD about the great kainkaryam in EVERY FORUM
    (E-GROUPS)that you can, so the TEMPLE becomes a reality within the next few months.
    The Temple is in a very advanced stage of constuction. And funds are need to bring the
    roof to completion beforethe onset of monsoon. All the moolavars are ready to be
    installed and rest of the Archai's are also getting ready.

    As you might be aware the last 5% of the enormous task is the most difficult part in
    a such undertaking. So I request the devotees to do to their might as quickly as
    possible. I do not have words to describe the burden, (both financial and cultural)
    that the hounourable members of the comittee are carrying for the sake of future
    generations. ...I request all those who can to contribute to establish a center for
    for our own beauty, that the great god that He is. And above all provide a place
    where cultural and spirutual gatherings happen to praise the Purushotaman.

    I request you to not only carry his name as part of your e-mails, but this message

    Oppiliappan ThiruvadigalE SaraNam,
    dasan lakshminarayanan
    All communications and clarifications regarding the temple should be
    addressed to:
    Sri T. Narayanan,
    Flat 1-B, Door No.5,
    Kasthurba Nagar,
    Adyar, Chennai 600020

(November 2002)

- Updated Temple Phone Number, Accomodation and nearby Divya Desams.

(May 2002)

- Added Sri Krishna Premi's upanyasam (audio) on ThiruviNNagaram Thala Puranam
- Added Sri Krishna Premi's upanyasam (audio) on Nammaazhvaar and Tirumangai Azhwaars' anubhavams of Sri Oppiliappan

(October '99)

- Contributions
(Devotees)... are most welcome to send Rupees or Dollars to: 

   Sri S.Govindaraja Bhattar
    Paramaparai Archagar
    Oppiliappan Sannidhi
    Tamilnadu 612204, India.